Don't have a boat? We do! Ride the Shuttle to the Island!

Thursday: 5:00pm to Close
Friday: 6:00pm to Close
Saturday and Sunday: 12:00pm to Close
Shuttles operate on varied schedules depending on holidays including: Memrorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Special Events.

Park your car in our 4 acres of free parking (Blarney Shuttle and Port of Blarney Customers Only) and grab a Shuttle Boat! They depart from the Port of Blarney and head out to the island on the hour and departing from the Island back to the Port of Blarney on the ½ hour. During high volume hours, it leaves the port on the hour and the ½ hour. The shuttle service is roundtrip is and a great way to get to the party! The shuttle is manned by a certified boat captain and a first mate at all times to ensure your trip is fun and safe out to the Island. Want to put the address into google maps? Use 27843 W Grass Lake Rd Antioch, IL (Or just click the Direction Buttons on this page) to get to the Port of Blarney. 27843 W Grass Lake Rd Antioch, IL is the address, but google maps tries to drive you out to the Island!

A great way to get there and back!

Shuttles run till close Thursday - Sunday.

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starting this summer we now offer pontoon rentals! through